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Archive for 2023

  • when you think about it, all music is psychedelic music.

    if it’s not, you’re not trying hard enough.

  • 🔖 TIFA: Text-to-Image Faithfulness Evaluation with Question Answering

    TIFA uses a language model (LM), a question answering (QA) model, and a visual question answering (VQA) model. Given a text input, we generate several question-answer pairs with the LM and then filter them via the QA model. To evaluate the faithfulness of a synthesized image to the text input, a VQA model answers these visual questions using the image, and we check the answers for correctness.

  • 🔖 Caspian Vale – "The Entropic Self"

    The Entropic Self, in this context, represents a departure from the humanist ideal of a stable, autonomous, and rational subject, and an embrace of the fluid, fragmented, and distributed nature of human subjectivity in the age of AI.

  • after changing jobs to a workplace where it’s not widely used, i’ve rediscovered the joy of email. i also credit this to the start of the ephronathon, which led me to watch YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) and re-read Hanif Abdurraqib’s essay about it.

    while i like pithy communication for some things, sometimes deeper thoughts need a broader expression of one’s own voice. a turn of phrase that feels wasteful in a text message no longer has the pressure of economy and parsimony. in an e-pistle, i can let the real me come out ever so slightly. i don’t worry if closing a message with “best” is passive-aggressive; i don’t fret about miniscule things. the power is in the whole: header, body, attachments.

  • on jubilee

    a poem inspired by receiving #PSLF