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  • 🔖 MELODY

    MELODY is a place where you can make sense of Linked Open Data and publish beautiful data stories.

  • my poem, “Departing Temescal for Rockridge,” is in the debut issue of the Erato Literary Magazine (free, pay what you can).

  • 🔖 Jasper Bernes, "Deeds and Propaganda"

    In these territorial movements, which build across the span of years rather than months, shared commitments tie different groups together without producing any simple unity. Such movements require what Hugh Farrell has called “the strategy of composition,” which “proposes that the multiple segments of a movement remain multiple, while simultaneously weaving the necessary practical alliances between them.” Such a strategy is neither a synthesis, resulting in a new mass subject, nor a simple coalition, in which each group exits the same as it enters. As Farrell writes, “in order to maintain the composition of a movement, each of its component parts must be willing to step away from their identities to some degree.” … Collective strategy emerges in some way other than any one group could have conceived it.

  • i have a new epistolary poem recently published by Travesties?!, which focuses on the interplay of prophylaxis, maritime communication, and desire

  • when you think about it, all music is psychedelic music.

    if it’s not, you’re not trying hard enough.

  • 🔖 TIFA: Text-to-Image Faithfulness Evaluation with Question Answering

    TIFA uses a language model (LM), a question answering (QA) model, and a visual question answering (VQA) model. Given a text input, we generate several question-answer pairs with the LM and then filter them via the QA model. To evaluate the faithfulness of a synthesized image to the text input, a VQA model answers these visual questions using the image, and we check the answers for correctness.

  • 🔖 Caspian Vale – "The Entropic Self"

    The Entropic Self, in this context, represents a departure from the humanist ideal of a stable, autonomous, and rational subject, and an embrace of the fluid, fragmented, and distributed nature of human subjectivity in the age of AI.

  • after changing jobs to a workplace where it’s not widely used, i’ve rediscovered the joy of email. i also credit this to the start of the ephronathon, which led me to watch YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) and re-read Hanif Abdurraqib’s essay about it.

    while i like pithy communication for some things, sometimes deeper thoughts need a broader expression of one’s own voice. a turn of phrase that feels wasteful in a text message no longer has the pressure of economy and parsimony. in an e-pistle, i can let the real me come out ever so slightly. i don’t worry if closing a message with “best” is passive-aggressive; i don’t fret about miniscule things. the power is in the whole: header, body, attachments.

  • 🔖 Caitlin Berrigan, "Kinship is Anarchy"

    This is the practice of being-with the kinships we do not choose—human and more-than-human. This is the practice of living inside of contradiction and contamination.