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  • 🔖 Ayanna Dozier, "Surveilling Bodies: Archives and Sex Work"

    Tourmaline’s film Salacia is a departure point for considering the interlocking forces of race, gender, and criminality in representations of sex work.

  • 🎵 Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio - "Pilot"

    JRLP + D3 covering the song that got me into Silkworm.

  • 🔖 Being Glue – No Idea Blog

    Your job title says “software engineer”, but you seem to spend most of your time in meetings. You’d like to have time to code, but nobody else is onboarding the junior engineers, updating the roadmap, talking to the users, noticing the things that got dropped, asking questions on design documents, and making sure that everyone’s going roughly in the same direction. If you stop doing those things, the team won’t be as successful. But now someone’s suggesting that you might be happier in a less technical role. If this describes you, congratulations: you’re the glue. If it’s not, have you thought about who is filling this role on your team?

    Every senior person in an organisation should be aware of the less glamorous - and often less-promotable - work that needs to happen to make a team successful. Managed deliberately, glue work demonstrates and builds strong technical leadership skills. Left unconscious, it can be career limiting. It can push people into less technical roles and even out of the industry.

  • No meetings week is a great time to dive back into Lara Hogan’s Demystifying Management training. Finished Building Resilience this morning, ready to tackle the other four modules.

  • 🔖 know how your org works (or how to become a more effective engineer)

    Shielding non-senior engineers from organizational politics not just stymies their growth but also hinders their visibility into the skills they’d eventually need to learn the hard way, skills for which there exists no easy playbook, even if some managers and senior ICs might take a more short-sighted view and see this as a way to help other engineers “maintain focus”.

  • 🔖 | Supporting Hugo page bundles in Netlify CMS

    After some digging around I discovered a “beta feature” called Folder Collections Media and Public Folder. I was pleased to find out that I only needed to define a few new properties on my Netlify CMS config.yml’s collections property to get it to recognize the new folder structure …

  • 🔖 The often unknown Stereo Recording Angle SRA

    A handy reference source for stereo imaging and mic setups.

    The SRA is not the angle between the microphone axes, but an invisible angle, that gives you information about your stereo image. It tells you how “wide” the recording will sound. Every acoustic sources that are outside of the SRA will be located full at “L” or “R”. So a smaller SRA will give you a wider stereo image. Everything inside of the SRA will find a place between the left and the right speaker.

    A stereo image is always due to time-of-arrival and / or level differences between the left and the right channel.

  • Second day of winter break breakfast: Dutch baby with Cana de Cabra and blueberries.

    overhead photo of a baked Dutch baby with blueberries and cheese on a baking sheet with silicone mat on top
  • 🔖 Community Land Conservancy Sees a Green Future for Communities of Color | South Seattle Emerald

    Article by Amanda Ong on the recently formed organization.

    “But this inherently pushes the focus of land conservancies to rural areas. You want to acquire the largest parcel of land and set it aside,” Watts said. “You can read between the lines on that — how that does not serve Communities of Color. It’s focused on areas where there are the least number of People of Color. It is focused on the opposite of housing and development.”

  • I don’t like to commit to self-improvement or curiosity projects publicly, but I’m feeling oddly compelled to spend time learning Forth over winter break. Was this triggered by Collapse OS, synstack, or acidforth…?