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Coming soon: ArchivesBlogs 2.0?

After two weeks of use, Plagger has proven itself to be pretty resilient. I've been asking myself how I can make ArchivesBlogs even better, and I've finally got a few ideas.

  • A site redesign. I'd like different colors.
  • Categorizing the feeds, e.g. separating blogs by individuals from repository blogs. This will probably end up with me creating a couple of Plagger configurations and dumping them into different subdirectories on ArchivesBlogs.
  • Better support for tags. It'd be nice to pull them out and have automagically linked Technorati tags.
  • Scrubbing HTML from the feeds to create valid XHTML for the syndication page(s). Plagger supports the Perl module HTML::Scrubber so it seems. This is a Big Deal to someone like me.
  • Adding a directory - most likely in OPML - for as many blogs about archives and archivists as possible since it's just not possible to do that for some blogs using Plagger. The most straightforward example are archives with blogs that are part of a library-wide blog and therefore don't have their own feeds. Usually what happens is that the archives or special collections department gets their own category within the blog. There are quite a few of these, and from pretty large places as well: University of Georgia and MIT are the first two I found.

As always, I'm willing to solicit suggestions, so let me know!