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Library Camp East post-mortem

I know this post is well overdue, but the last few weeks have kept me extremely busy. Library Camp East was amazing; fun, thought-provoking, and inspiring. John Blyberg and Alan Kirk Gray (as well as the rest of the Darien Library Staff) did a heck of a job preparing for all of us descending into the auditorium. They even gave me a cool mug that my co-workers envy. I also finally got to meet Dan Chudnov and Casey Bisson, whose blogs I've followed for a while now. Jessamyn West and John posted nearly exhaustive lists of posts by LCE attendees for reference. (For what it's worth, Jessamyn also tips her hat to ArchivesBlogs and apologizes for us not meeting at two conferences so far. I share the blame!)

Fortunately for my readers, I have precious little to add in terms of comments (although I tagged some Library Camp-related links on Unalog). I actually was called into service to lead a session by accident (I happened to be scratching my nose), but I was happy enough to moderate the discussion on how techies and non-techies can learn to talk to each other. The discussion was spirited to say the least, and it seems like some good networking occured as a consequence. The OPAC discussion was pretty interesting as well.

At the end of the day, a number of us -- Michael Golrick, Janie Hermann and Peter Bromberg of Library Garden, and Kim Gabert -- talked over beer and appetizers. Much of the discussion centered around ALA, which made me realize I was pretty clueless in regards to its organization. I left early to catch the Metro North train back to Grand Central, where I met up with Julia as we started to make our way home to Washington.

Once again, thanks to everybody! I'd like to see a Mid-Atlantic Library Camp; I just wish I had more resources to make it a reality.