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Dust in the Wind(y City)

SAA2007 came and went. Everyone knows that I'm no good at liveblogging or semi-liveblogging, so don't expect an exhaustive report - potentially better sources include ArchivesNext and Spellbound Blog. Here are my personal highlights, which is just about the best that this here boy archivist can pull off.

  • The pre-conference SAA Research Forum. While I only got to see the second half of the day, this is where the meat was according to those who were there for the whole thing.
  • The Description Section steering committee meeting. This was probably the most instructive for me as I'm the incoming chair.
  • Hacking away on my remarks most of the week and successfully pulling off our session. Jennifer Schaffner from OCLC/RLG Programs substituted for Merrilee Proffitt and did a swell job. She's a great person to discuss all these crazy ideas with for two reasons - she's established in the profession and new to OCLC! I eagerly await her posts at One of these days soon I'll put up my slides and notes, and some of my remarks I owe to the brainwork of dchud (naturally, I give him credit).
  • The informal Web 2.0 meeting. I got to meet some of the many ArchivesBloggers and a whole bunch of other new folks. We had some great discussions, too, and are starting a plan of attack.
  • Meeting tons of archivists from all over the place. Other than the ones I knew already, the most fun was had with the North Carolinans and West Coasters.
  • The food. Oh, God, the food. Armenian at Sayat Nova, which is just downstairs from the Second Story Bar, the diviest gay bar I'd been to in forever. Chicago-style pizza at Giordano's and Pizzeria Due. Organic Mexican at Wholly Frijoles in the burbs with former Ann Arbor housemates. The unagi bento box I quickly scarfed down before our session. Osso buco over risotto at Volare. Everything else I can't remember.

As you can see, I had a great time, and somehow emerged alive out of a stressful week. Thanks to everyone who told me how much the appreciate ArchivesBlogs and thanks to those who appreciate my chaotic ramblings. See you in San Francisco!