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Five Non-Library Blogs I Read

I won't bother waiting to be tagged to do this, because all the cool kids already are. I read too many blogs already, so here we go.

  • Mary Eats is, as one would easily assume, a blog about food. Mary started the blog while she and her husband were living in Korea, and thus there's an overwhelming emphasis on Korean food and restaurants. She moved to Seattle relatively recently and began culinary school, too. My two favorite parts of this blog are when she makes videos and when she makes comics, like this one about konbu.
  • Language Log is a blog written by linguistics faculty from around the world, wherein they tackle important and not-so-important issues like linguistic prescriptivism, 419 scammers, the Pirahà language, and cheese steak rolls served at Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia, all with a good sense of humor.
  • Information Aesthetics covers all sorts of stuff related to information visualization. Essentially, it's just one massive blog full of data porn, from treemaps to Youtube videos using Isotype symbols. I'd almost suggest that this might be considered a library blog on account of the fact that some of this stuff was my favorite stuff to learn about but not pursue in detail during library school.
  • AfriGadget updates infrequently, but when it does, it covers the ingenuity of African bricolage to solve everyday problems. It's a good counterpoint to Make, because many of the things these guys create address important life necessities rather than simple curiosity.
  • Finally, Hel-Looks covers on-the-street fashion in Helsinki, which is often infinitely more interesting than what most Americans (even hipsters) try to pull off.