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deliciouscopy: a dumb solution for a dumb problem

You'd think there was some sort of tried and true script for Delicious users to repost bookmarks from their inboxes into their accounts, especially given that there are often shared accounts where multiple people will tag things as "for:foo" to have them show up on foo's Delicious account. Well, there wasn't, until now (at least as far as I could tell).

Enter deliciouscopy. It uses pydelicious, as well as the Universal Feed Parser and simplejson. It reads a user's inbox, checks to see if poster of the for:whomever tag was added to your network, and reposts accordingly, adding a via: tag for attribution. It even does some dead simple logging if you need that sort of thing. The code's all there, and GPL license blah blah blah. I hacked this together in about an hour for something at MPOW - namely to repost things to our shared account. It's based on Michael Noll's but diverges from it fairly quickly. Enjoy, and give any feedback if you must.



  • 💬 Jeanne at December 4, 2008, 21:24 UTC:

    I don't have feedback - but rather have another idea for a piece of code I wish existed. I want a plugin that will harvest all the links I put into a Wordpress post, create a Delicious bookmark for each and tag that bookmark with the tags and categories assigned to the Wordpress post. Maybe could include a link back to the original post in the notes of the bookmark - but that would be gravy.

    Hard or easy? Intriguing enough to bug you until you build it?

  • 💬 M.A. Matienzo at December 4, 2008, 21:37 UTC:

    That's probably pretty easy. Start bugging me come Saturday and maybe I'll start working on it... :)