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Clifford Lynch Clarifies Position on Open Source ILSes

Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, has responded to the leaked SirsiDynix report that spreads horrific untruths about open source. Marshall Breeding posted Lynch's response on GuidePosts. In particular, Lynch notes the following:

I don't think that I ever wrote those words down in an article; I suppose I may have said something to that effect in an interview or q&a in some conference program like ALA Top Tech, though perhaps no quite as strongly as it's expressed here. I have without question spoken out about my concerns regarding investment in open source ILS development in the last few years. IF I did say this, it feels like it's used a little out of context -- or maybe the better characterization is over-simplistically -- in the report.


I think there are still major problems -- many of which we really don't know how to solve effectively, and which call for sustained and extensive research and development -- in various areas where ILS get involved in information discovery and the support of research and teaching. While I'm not opposed to seeing an open source ILS -- who could be? -- and recognize that it could be very useful, particularly as a platform for research and future innovation, open source re-implementation of current ILS functionality will not be a panacea for these still-unsolved challenges.

I'd like to thank Lynch for being willing to respond publicly about this. This report has plenty of holes in it, and according to esr's characterization of Linus' Law, "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." Let's show SirsiDynix that this is one of the most truly important values with open source.


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  • 💬 Alex Hauschild at March 10, 2010, 02:42 UTC:

    Looks like being one of the greatest extemporaneous speakers ever finally caught up to Lynch.