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DigitalNZ and Brooklyn Museum API Modules for Python

I've been busy the last few weeks, so I didn't even really announce this to begin with! I've been playing around with some of the cultural heritage APIs that are available, some of which I learned about while I was at Museums and the Web 2009. While I was away I released code for a Python module for interacting with the Brooklyn Museum Collections API. After chatting with Virginia Gow from DigitalNZ, I also got motivated to write a Python module to interact with the DigitalNZ API. The code for both is fairly unpolished, but I'm always ready for feedback! Both modules are available as Mercurial repositories linked from my Bitbucket account. There's also a small cluster of us working on a museum API wiki to begin sorting out some of these issues. Comparably speaking, the library and archives world has it somewhat easy...