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"Using the OCLC WorldCat APIs" now available in Python Magazine

As of last Thursday, I have been inducted into the pantheon of published Python programmers (aye, abuse of alliteration is always acceptable). My article, "Using the OCLC WorldCat APIs," appears in the latest issue (June 2009) of Python Magazine. I'd like to thank my editor, Brandon Craig Rhodes, for helping me along in the process, not the least of which includes catching bugs that I'd overlooked. The article includes a brief history lesson about OCLC, WorldCat, and the WorldCat Affiliate APIs, a detailed introduction to worldcat, my Python module to interact with OCLC's APIs, and a brief introduction to SIMILE Exhibit, which helps generate the holdings mashup referenced earlier on my blog. Subscribers to Python Magazine have access to a copy of the code containing a functional OCLC Web Services key ("wskey") to explore the application.