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Computer Anonymous New York

In my previous post, I wrote about wanting to address issues of privilege in the space between archives and technology. As a first step, I mentioned organizing a New York group of Computer Anonymous. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve scheduled our first meeting:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 6:30 PM - ?, at Pacific Standard, 82 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

We have about seven people who have indicated that they’re planning on attending. If you’re interested, please comment here, contact me via Twitter or Email, or leave a comment on this Github issue.

I believe that a Computer Anonymous group in New York is a great chance to start having both tough and positive conversations. I realize that it won’t solve everything, and that our initial location may not be ideal, but I’m certainly amenable to other ideas and doing better outreach. I want to see both the technology and archives professions become more diverse, more equitable, and healther communities that in which I can encourage others to join.