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My Jekyll todo list

A running list of things I want to do or have done. A lot of this relates to adopting the IndieWeb ethos

  • DONE Enable sending and receiving webmentions
  • DONE Minimal h-entry markup
  • New theme!
  • Enable incoming webmention displays from
  • Redo build process, perhaps running on Travis or my own server.
  • Enable automatic POSSE to Twitter, Medium, Slideshare, LinkedIn, and Facebook(?). Consider using Bridgy if this will lower friction.
  • Send automatic webmentions through on build.
  • Mobile post creation and editing using an existing Git client and Markdown editor.
  • Adopt Micropub or something comparable to potentially stage posts through pull requests. Longer term goal is to have a nice mobile client.
  • Refactor the publication and resume to be data driven.
  • Reuse and refactor existing codebases, like Aaron Gustafon’s Jekyll plugin for webmentions (Github repo) and Will Norris’ syndication plugin.
  • Implement Jekyll collections as a proxy for managing h-entry post-types.
  • Cache and eventually move commenting away from Disqus.