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🔖 USGS Earthquake Hazards Program · M 4.4 - 2km SE of Berkeley, CA

i felt my first earthquake. while i was up late last night working on my website. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. its origin was 2km SE of Berkeley, CA (37.855, -122.257) at . this is was also an excuse to work more on my website, adding bookmarks and locations to posts, and experimenting with marking up an h-event in the text of a post.



  • 💬 Ed Summers at January 6, 2018, 13:48 UTC:

    Hey there Mark! Just out of curiosity did you manually cross post this to or are you experimenting with POSSE by any chance?

  • 💬 M.A. Matienzo at January 7, 2018, 12:00 UTC:

    Manual, so far. I think might have some way to POSSE from her site to Mastodon.