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🔖 Beyond the Viewer: fragments and links in annotation space

What we also want to do is freely reuse the IIIF model itself, to describe things in manifests without publishing a new manifest for a conventional viewer to load. And then using these extracts, these collected descriptions, to generate new user experiences. The IIIF model is fantastic for this.

All these millions of published IIIF manifests don’t just exist to be processed by viewers. We can cut up the model in different ways, we can say new things by making new IIIF resource fragments as part of a content editorial process. This might involve making new manifests that can be viewed in a manifest viewer — but it might involve arbitrary creation of annotations, ranges, or alternate sequences, and use of those new resources behind the scenes to generate new user interfaces on the server as well as the client. And extend the familiarity of hyperlinking into digitised content: the creation of linking annotations in and out of IIIF resources.