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Notes on ITLP Workshop 1 readings

I completed my reading and viewing assignments for my cohort’s IT Leadership Program Workshop 1 (- at UC Berkeley.) This is a brief set of notes for my own use about how all of them tie together.

  • Leaders are made not born and leadership skills don’t always transfer across contexts.
  • Leadership should be reflected in the culture of the organization; developing leaders, even in medium- and lower-level employees is a key part of that. Encourage them to take this on, and protect them when they step up. Leading up (i.e., leading your boss) should be expected, too.
  • Be aware of where you are looking to anticipate change.
  • Don’t be head down; you need to retain focus both of the work around you and broader context. You are responsible for framing problems, not solving them exclusively.
  • Great leaders have diverse networks and the ability to develop relationships with people different from them.
  • Self-mastery is the key to leadership. Great leaders model behavior (poise; emotional capacity) and define direction. Retaining empathy, humanity, dignity, passion, connection to other people in environment of transactional interaction are all hard.
  • Conflict and feeling pressure is necessary. Don’t smooth over either too much; instead, regulate it.
  • Be willing to look at taking large leaps, but take the time to understand them. At the same time, don’t wed yourself to long-term strategic planning processes that might be blocks.
  • Inspire people to move beyond their own perceived limitations and encourage others to break with convention when necessary.

And the readings and videos: