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🔖 The Nation of Ulysses “Primal Scream” demos | Chunklet –

As Tim recalls, NOU were in Memphis on tour with Bikini Kill in early 1992 to find that the promoter hadn’t actually promoted their show. So the band immediately took to flyering the streets of Memphis. While walking the streets and going into record stores and whatnot, they ran into Primal Scream who were in town recording an album. At their show that night at the Antenna Club, Primal Scream showed up (being 2 of the 5 paying people at the club) and then after the show, invited NOU to come to the studio to record some songs. So the next day, with a slightly irked Bikini Kill in tow, Nation of Ulysses recorded five songs on Primal Scream’s dime in nine hours.