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🔖 Week in Review Leadership Comms | Lara Hogan

I was recently referred to Lara Hogan’s post on Week in Review writeups for teams that are internally public:

Though the teams who reported to me were the primary audience for this doc, I kept it internally-public, meaning that anyone at the company could read and comment in it. I found that some other managers just weren’t talking about hard things that were happening, or addressing rumors that were going around, or giving heads-ups on changes, and often people on my teams would share my Week in Reviews with people on other teams, so that they could have the info too. I invited comments on the document, and didn’t “resolve” or delete comments I received, because I wanted folks to be able to see the answers to questions out in the open.

Her additional insights on how to use them to address “Why Don’t They Just…?” questions are also super, super useful.