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IAH Forecast - Disquiet Junto Project 0476

I spent some time this long weekend recording a track for the latest Disquiet Junto project (“IAH Forecast”). In the words of Marc Wiedenbaum:

The Assignment: Here’s your next single’s cover. Now record it.

A photo of  Houston, Texas, shot from an apartment buildiing's balcony with consderable fog. Down and to the left, extending to the center, is a road with cars.

While submissions are formally limited to one track per participant, I actually recorded two, which I’m including here - mostly because I’m not sure which one to pick. Both tracks are built from casemundy’s “Wind Chimes.wav” from Freesound, part of the “Sounds of Houston” pack, manipulated using VCV Rack with the NYSTHI Sussudio multihead sample player, and recorded, processed, and mixed in REAPER. Both tracks are recorded at 98 BPM.

“a furtive world of bats” was recorded in two takes with seven tracks each (six mono tracks, one per sampler playhead; and one stereo track for an emulated magnetic disk echo unit). Each sampler playhead, plus the echo unit’s six playheads, erase head, and finger gate, are controlled by a Grayscale Permutation sequencer. The second take was recorded using a clock divider at 2/3 the speed of the first take. Each take’s combined track is further processed separately using two layers of reverb, and the two tracks for the echo unit are routed to their own reverb and EQ chain.

“hardy toll road” was recorded in a single take. A clock divider and LFO were used to drive a sample and hold module, which controlled varying aspects of particular playheads (start/stop location, speed, direction, and restart), with some of these controls also manipulated live using an external MIDI controller. Each track has its own separate effects chain and vary, but include filters, EQ, delay, echo, and compression.