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  • Batch Reindexing for Drupal + Solr

    Crossposted to NYPL Labs. Sorry for any duplication! Hey, do you use Drupal on a site with several thousand nodes? Do you also use the Apache Solr Integration module? If you're like me, you've probably needed to reindex your site but couldn't be bothered to wait for those pesky cron runs to finish — in fact, that's what led me to file a feature request on the module to begin with. Well, fret no more, because thanks to me and Greg Kallenberg, my illustrious fellow Applications Developer at NYPL DGTL, you can finally use Drupal's Batch API to reindex your site. The module is available as an attachment from that same issue node on Nota bene: this is a really rough module, with code swiped pretty shamelessly from the Example Use of the Batch API page on It works, though, and it works well enough as we tear stuff down and build it back up over and over again.