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Does SAA Need To Support Who I Am?

There's been a whole lot of discussion in the archivoblogosphere about the perceived need for quasi-informal interest groups that are fundamentally driven by identity. While I agree with this in theory, I must register my opposition to having SAA promote, support, or provide any sort of infrastructure for such groups. Fundamentally, I am against this because I believe it poses a strong threat to the privacy of archivists.


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  • 💬 Kate T. at December 17, 2008, 21:29 UTC:

    I agree with you that SAA should not get involved in this, and posted a comment over at Archives Found on the subject.

    However, it's also worth noting that participation in these kinds of groups would be voluntary. One would make the choice whether or not to self-identify, so I'm not sure how great an invasion of privacy it would be.

    That said, people can organize whatever they want to outside of SAA and if others want to get involved, that's great. It's a free country!