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  • One of the things coming out of the #saa20 Research Forum #saa20rf are the net negative structural and strategic impacts of contingent labor on archival practice. It seems to make poor economic, practical, and long-term sense to rely on it further and it’s disheartening to see that we’ve had to.

  • Comments on revisions to SAA statement on Diversity and Inclusion

    The SAA Council has issued a call for comments on the SAA Statement on Diversity and Inclusion. As noted in the announcement, the revision includes changes to expand the statement to cover equity as well. Comments are open on the revisions until March 12, 2020, and what follows are the comments that I’ve submitted.

  • Seeking Nominations for Co-Chair, RLG Programs Roundtable

    Apologies for any duplication - we're just trying to get the word out! As co-chairs of the RLG Programs Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists, we're seeking nominees to co-chair of the Roundtable for 2009-2011. If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email M.A. Matienzo, Co-Chair, at M.A. Please submit all nominations no later than 5 PM Eastern Time on Friday, August 7. Serving in a leadership position for a Section or Roundtable is a great way to learn about SAA and its governance, contribute to new directions for the Society, and work with other archivists on interesting projects. It is also a great way to serve the Society! Your RLG Roundtable Co-Chairs, Thomas G. Knoles Marcus A. McCorison Librarian American Antiquarian Society M.A. Matienzo Applications Developer, Digital Experience Group The New York Public Library
  • Make Me A Structured Vocabulary Or I'll Make One For You

    The Society of American Archivists released the Thesaurus for Use in College and University Archives as an electronic publication this week. Specifically, it was issued as a series of PDF files. Is this data stored in some sort of structured format somewhere? If so, it's not available directly from the SAA site. There's no good reason why TUCUA shouldn't be converted to structured, linkable data, expressed using SKOS, the Simple Knowledge Organization System. It's not like I need another project, but I'm sure I could write some scraper to harvest the terms out of the PDF, and while I'm at it, I could write one to also harvest the Glossary of Archival Terminology. Someone, please stop me. I really don't need another project.
  • Does SAA Need To Support Who I Am?

    There's been a whole lot of discussion in the archivoblogosphere about the perceived need for quasi-informal interest groups that are fundamentally driven by identity. While I agree with this in theory, I must register my opposition to having SAA promote, support, or provide any sort of infrastructure for such groups. Fundamentally, I am against this because I believe it poses a strong threat to the privacy of archivists.
  • An Open Letter to SAA Council and the 2009 Program Committee

    I apologize for using my blog to soapbox, but I felt like this was a significant concern that I should share with my readers. If you wish to support my position, please consider sending an e-mail to SAA Council and the 2009 Program Committee Chairs. Dear 2009 Program Committee Members and SAA Council Members, I understand that we are nearing the deadlines for submission of proposals for sessions at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists. I also understand the reasons behind having an earlier deadline than past years. However, I am deeply concerned with the decision to have the deadline set to be October 8, 2008, which is Yom Kippur and the day which the Jewish High Holidays end. As is often the case, conference proposals often coalesce at the last minute, and this is further complicated by the fact that the beginning of Rosh Hashana fell on September 29, 2008. I recognize that the deadline is most likely immutable at this point, but I am asking that SAA Council and future Program Committees pay attention to when the High Holidays fall in future years.
  • Matienzo, The San Francisco Treat

    I'm packing up and heading out to SFO this evening for SAA2008. Right now I'm frantically backing up my Zotero repository, making sure I have a bunch of sources to peruse on the plane as I hack away on my slides for EAD@10. You might be surprised that my idea of me jumping out of a cake in the shape of an <archdesc> tag wearing a bathing suit was not even considered, so it looks like I'll actually have to put some coherent thoughts together. I've got to make a grand entrance somehow. I'll be chairing the Description Section meeting as well, so behave yourselves, kids.